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Torch History

History of torches

In the 1890s, American Ever-Ready Company founder Conrad Hubert lit up New York City with the help of dry cell batteries and his newest invention – the electric hand torch. Hubert experimented with everything from electric tie tacks to electric flower-pots before acquiring the patent for this first Eveready flashlight in 1898. Hubert’s first portable flashlights were hand-made from crude paper and fiber tubes, with a bulb and a rough brass reflector. Because batteries were weak and bulbs primitive, flashlights of the era produced only a brief flash of light- thus the name. Flashlights have come a long way – with new shapes, colours and sizes, features and uses, but our spirit of innovation has remained constant. From creating the first waterproof flashlight in 1970, to being at the forefront of advances in LED technology, our lighting products offer unmatched performance and durability that you can rely on.


The first Ever Ready torch was produced


First Ever Ready trademark appeared on end caps of torches.


Ever Ready product name changed to Eveready®


Eveready introduced the tungsten filament bulb.


Eveready introduced the company's first torch with a ring hanger, giving consumers the ability to hang or store the product wherever they need to.


The first Eveready pre-focused torch bulb was introduced – the pre-assembled bulb and reflector provided a more efficient product by eliminating as much light as possible.


Eveready acquired V.K. Song & Co. Ltd (now Sonca), manufactures of aluminium torches.


Eveready rolled out its first thermoplastic moulded torch, allowing Energizer to develop lights in new shapes sizes in an efficient process.


The first Evereaday® rechargeable torch was introduced, which gave consumers the ability to always have working torch around the house and not depend totally on available batteries.


Energizer introduced its first fluorescent lantern, which required less frequent bulb changing and greater efficiency than traditional bulbs.


The first waterproof torch was introduced by Energizer – giving consumers peace of mind and the ability to use product in less than perfect conditions. This was also made possible with the push-button switch, which was backed by a lifetime switch warranty.


The Evereaday® economy light was introduced and today is the world’s most popular torch.


Energizer introduced its first fluorescent torch, which required less frequent bulb changing and greater efficiency than traditional bulbs.


Energizer introduced the first 2D Halogen torch, which produced a brighter light than the traditional vacuum, Krypton or Xenon bulbs.


The first Evereaday® Squeeze Light was introduced, which allowed for new functionality in a small, compact travel size.


Energizer introduced its first LED light in the form of a squeeze light, compact area/directional light and a bicycle light. The LED light source allows for increased runtime and never needs replacing.


The first Energizer® branded torch was introduced, the DoubleBarrel®


Evereaday celebrated 100 years of portable lighting products leadership.


Energizer partnered with Disney to become the exclusive provider of Disney branded torches in the U.S. Energizer has rolled out products based on some of the most popular Disney characters such as Tinkerbell, Cars, Nemo and Winnie the Pooh.


Energizer introduced the Energizer® Quick Switch torch, allowing consumers to use the batteries they have on hand (AA, C or D cell sizes). Energizer launched the Trialfinder® line of products designed for the general camping and outdoor consumer.


Energizer introduced the Energizer® Weather Ready® line of products to help users be prepared in case of an emergency. The Weather Ready line of lights offer features such as extended runtimes, area lights and torches that can run on multiple cell sizes. - Energizer re-launched the Hard Case® line with the Energizer® Hard Case®Work®, Energizer® Hard Case® Professional® and Energizer® Hard Case®Tactical products. Each line of products addresses the needs of specific users within the hardware, do-it-yourself and tactical segments.


Energizer introduced an innovative new line of Energizer® e2® Lithium® torches created for the extreme outdoor enthusiast. This product line is designed to maximize performance when powered by Energizer e² Lithium AA or AAA batteries.


Energizer launches new product and packaging designs as well as introduces new battery and lighting products to its portfolio.