Energizer SA



Energizer®‘s mission is to innovate with a balance of performance and responsibility. We design sustainable products that you can use, understand and, most importantly, depend on, whilst ensuring we preserve the planet and environment for future generations. For the past 3 decades, we have led the industry in eliminating heavy metals from our batteries whilst improving, not compromising, performance. Starting with the production of the world’s first zero-added mercury battery in 1989, Energizer® began removing all mercury and cadmium from all household batteries. We also converted our hearing aid batteries to a zinc air form, eliminating 90% of the mercury content. Our modern hearing aid batteries contain no added mercury and our high-performance Ultimate Lithium batteries are the world’s longest lasting AA and AAA batteries for high-tech devices. The longer they last, the less we need to produce, ensuring we minimize our, as well as our consumers’, environmental impact. We specify that all the paperboard we use for our packaging is 100% recyclable, runs on our production equipment with maximum efficiency and minimal waste as well as not using any heavy metal inks during the printing process.
We are constantly working to maximize the use of recycled materials (our Alkaline AA packaging is currently produced using 75% recycled material) whilst dramatically cutting ozone-damaging agents from our production process and helping our suppliers to do the same. We have been proactively reducing the environmental footprint of our manufacturing operations prior to, and beyond, any government mandates. We have also worked tirelessly to change our processes and procedures to minimize our impact on the communities around us, including reducing scrap and landfill waste.